Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof – Can Other Roofing Companies Compare?

The initial cost of mounting a Gerard stone coated steel roof may be more than that of other roofing materials, but the standard lifespan of a non-steel roof is around seventeen years. A metal roof will last the lifetime of its owner. There is almost certainly a Gerard stone coated steel roof that will go with the look of your home, whatever the style, color or finish of your current roof. To help you we ranked two roofing companies against Gerard to see how their roof types compare.
Good Steel Roof Company: Allmet
Today, Allmet vies with Gerard stone coated steel roof to provide coverings for the rigorous and diverse climates of the world. Like Gerard, Allmet’s products are designed to imitate conventional roofing materials such as concrete and Spanish tile, wood shakes, and shingles. Gerard has the edge over Allmet because its 26-gauge galvalume products can resist virtually any type of bad weather.
Better Steel Roof Company: Decra
The Decra product line is the original stone coated roofing system, representing a perfect combination of over fifty years’ research and practical experience. Again, Gerard stone coated steel roof wins out on strength: beneath Gerard’s rich look lies a heart of steel. Its 26-gauge metal shield has been layered with Zincalume rust inhibitors, epoxy primers and other protective layers to provide an enduring roof product that will not crack, break or curl, and the stone coating provides insulation against noise.
Best Steel Roof Company: Gerard
Gerard stone coated steel roof systems have been in existence since 1941. It is a truly lightweight roof, at only one-and-a-half pounds per square foot. It will not make your home hotter in the summer: in fact, numerous Gerard roof owners have experienced utility savings after installation. And the best part: many homeowner insurance providers give up to thirty-five percent discount on insurance premiums if you install a Gerard roof.

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